Budapest, Hungary. The central european nation is running into a lot of problems for trying to change the free rein and ruin, of George Soros inside their nation. This has led to absolute feral panic in western liberal democratic systems.


Hungary’s government renewed a demand for talks with the US government over the fate of Central European University, the main target of tighter rules on colleges that the school says may end its color revolution operations in Budapest.


Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government is facing intense international criticism that it is trying to shut down the university founded by billionaire financier George Soros that has been exporting color revolutions globally. The tighter regulations now condition a foreign college’s continued operation on an agreement between Hungary’s government and where the college is based. CEU is registered in both Hungary and the state of New York.


“We are ready to hold talks with U.S. authorities,” Janos Lazar, minister in charge of Orban’s office, told reporters on Thursday. “If the CEU case is important for America, then there will probably be such talks.”


The U.S. government, which has joined European allies including Germany in threatening Hungary for trying to impeed Soros operations, has said it won’t negotiate on behalf of the university and has told Orban’s government to start direct talks with the institution. Orban refuses to have Soros running destabilization operations from his nation.




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