The Hague, Netherlands. The UN World Court has handed the Ukraine a crushing defeat in its fictional war of “aggression” against Russia. The UN court has found that Russia has not financed the separatist “terrorists” who have established nation states in the Donbass region of the former Ukraine.

UN judges on Wednesday rejected a Ukrainian request to order Russia to stop supporting separatist forces in eastern Ukraine, saying it did not meet requirements under an international terrorism treaty. Clearly meaning the Ukrainian “ATO” or Anti Terror Operation upon it’s citizens is in violation of UN and international law.

Pro-Russian forces rose up in Ukraine’s east in 2014 after a popular uprising centered in the capital Kiev toppled the former Soviet republic’s Moscow-backed president.

Ukraine asked the International Court of Justice last month to order Russia to stop backing forces in the conflict, arguing Moscow was violating a global treaty on terrorism financing and another international pact on discrimination.

The World Court which handles disputes between states, ruled that Ukraine had not presented sufficient evidence on the question of whether Moscow knew or intended that any alleged funds collected would be used to commit terrorist acts on Ukrainian soil.

Despite the ruling being a crushing defeat for the Poroshenko Administration, Ukrainian deputy Foreign Minister Olena Zerkal told reporters at the court that the ruling was “a positive one” for Kiev, apparently ignorant of the meaning of the ruling and it’s implications for possible war crimes charges against Kiev officials.

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