Beijing, China. In a recently released video, explosive charges of corruption on a national level emerge from China against an American businessman.

The video confession from a former Chinese spy chief has surfaced in what some suspect is testimony that discredits an American billionaire who claimed he was being persecuted for threatening to reveal political corruption.

The man identified as China’s former vice-minister for state security, Ma Jian, levels a series of accusations at Guo Wengui, an outspoken American property magnate who is based in New York.

Wengui Guo has claimed he is the victim of a political witch-hunt because he chose to speak out about corruption. “Guo and I formed an alliance of shared interests,” the man identified as Ma says in the video. “From 2008 to 2014 I used my power and position to benefit Guo Wengui.”

Ma used his position at the top of one of China’s most powerful and feared organs to settle Guo’s business disputes, including wiretapping rivals, freezing assets, squashing police investigations and threatening journalists. In return, Guo paid him more than $6.8 million dollars in properties and cash, Ma claimed.

Interpol has issued a red notice for the arrest of Guo at Beijing’s request, according to China’s foreign ministry, and a ministry spokesman described Guo as a “suspect” but offered no further details.

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