Official Belgrade unequivocally reacted to the statement of the Prime Minister of Albania Eddie Rama that if his country is not adopted to the European Union, then it can initiate unification with Kosovo, a self-proclaimed republic, under the Constitution of Serbia being its autonomous region.



“If I were to say something about uniting the Serbs in the region, I would have already being hung in Brussels instead of their flags,” said Prime Minister and newly elected Serbian President Alexandar Vučić.


He assessed Albanian colleague’s statements as threats, as plans to unite all Albanians in one country will affect several countries of the region. Vučić added that Serbia does not call for a change of borders and stands for strengthening of internal ties in the Balkans.


Earlier, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic reacted to the provocative statement, saying that such words are “another confirmation of the fact that the creation of Great Albania is a great threat to the peace and stability of the region and all of Europe.”




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