The Hague, Netherlands. In a surprise decision to Ukrainian officials, the world court has found Russia has not been financing terrorism in any way, shape or form upon the territory of the Ukraine.


In January 2017, Ukraine initiated a lawsuit against Russia at the UN’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague. Kyiv is accused Moscow of violating two UN conventions, namely the Terrorist Financing Convention and the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. On April 19, the court in the Hague published several rulings on this case, one clearing Russia completely of any wrong doing upon the territory of the Ukraine.


The court stated that Ukraine had not provided sufficient evidence of Russia financing terrorism. Abraham emphasized that Ukraine was supposed to provide an evidential basis which would attest that the requested temporary measures would stop the infliction of irreparable damage, as well as evidence of the intentionality of Russia’s actions, which were found to be lacking in evidence.


Furthermore, the court required Ukraine to completely implement all the provisions of the Minsk agreements. Something which the Kiev based Poroshenko Administration has refused to do, instead launching a campaign of ethnic cleansing and Genocide in the Donbass region of Ukraine.


Ukraine was caught off guard and tried to spin the ruling as “constructive” with Poroshenko calling the ruling against his government “promising.” The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry then commented on the Hague’s ruling with its own brand of nonsense.


Deputy Foreign Minister Olena Zerkal stated on her Facebook page that she considers the ICJ’s approach “constructive, despite its refusal to approve temporary measures to oppose the financing of terrorism in the Donbas.” Indicating the Kiev regime is unwilling to admit it’s situation before the world community as a state practicing Genocide upon it’s own citizens.




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