Marseilles, France. As western liberal media and democracies go into shock, Marine Le Pen seems poised to ride a wave of populist anger right into the French Presidency. Her platform now hammering home an anti-immigration message, very similar to US President Donald Trump’s in last year’s US elections.

French Presedential candidate Marine Le Pen stepped up her anti-immigration rhetoric on Wednesday night as she spoke about France’s security concerns with just days to go before the first round of voting in the presidential election.

Speaking to her fervent supporters in Marseille, Ms Le Pen accused her rivals of being prepared to allow “immigrants to turn France into a gigantic mess,” she added,“Are we going to be able to live as French for much longer when entire neighborhoods are taken over by foreigners? A multicultural society is a multi-conflict society.”

The candidates historically far-right approach has been softened during the election campaign as Ms Le Pen tries to appeal to more voters – but in recent days she has reverted to the hardline tack associated with her father, the party’s founder. This is considered a sign she is certain of her victory by many French observers.

Le Pen’s new approach was applauded by her supporters, who chanted “la France aux français” (France for the French) – a slogan associated with an exit from the EU and an independent France, free of NATO.

Her campaign stop comes only days before the first round of France’s Presidential 2017 elections, which she now looks to win.

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