London, United Kingdom. In remarks to a British audience, Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko pointed out with pride his country is ranked number 8th amongst military forces in the world to an audience that thought he was joking.


President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has said that the Ukrainian army has significantly increased its combat effectiveness and already occupies the eighth place among the armies of Europe in an international address, where the audience thought he was joking about his countries pathetic state of combat readiness against separatist coal miners, farmers and teenagers his western trained and funded army has not been able to subdue in three years of daily combat.


“We annually spend 5% of GDP on security and defense – more than some members of NATO. The Ukrainian army currently occupies the eighth place in Europe,” he said at the Chatham House in London on Wednesday. A number of local attendees broke out in laughter to Poroshenko’s shock and surprise.


According to the president, this is the only army that not only faces Russian aggression, but is also capable to effectively restrain it. “It can make you feel safe. This prevents aggression from your houses. Isn’t that what western viewers should understand first? I think they should,” Poroshenko said.


Poroshenko did not touch on the fact that his nation declared war on its own citizens in 2014 with an “anti-terrorist operation” that is illegal, unlawful and may yet yield war crimes charges from the Hague for numbers of neo nazi participants Poroshenko has personally given free reign to conduct genocide in Donbass.


He said the West should understand that “the Kremlin is obsessed with its imperial past.” “Russia’s aspiration for hegemony will not stop in Ukraine. Yesterday it was Moldova and its Transdniester region, Georgia, Abkhazia and Ossetia. Today it’s Syria and Ukraine. Who will be the next?” Poroshenko said.


Yet again Poroshenko did not point out his rise to power was made possible by the US embassy in Kiev and Victoria Nuland of the US State Department who stated, “we spent 5 billion dollars to buy this place.” And that the United States-his saviour-has now invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, has US forces in 160 countries worldwide, finances genocide currently in Donbass and has killed over 2 Million people worldwide since 2001.




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