Glasgow, Scotland. The openly gay conservative leader in Scotland has said she will not be participating in upcoming elections, but focusing instead on being the first lesbian leader of Scotland in a few short years.


Conservative Ruth Davidson has ruled out standing in the general election in June but has said she will instead focus on being the first lesbian leader of Scotland.


Speaking to journalists a day after Theresa May’s shock announcement that a general election will take place on 8 June, the Scottish Conservative leader predicted that her party will make significant gains from the SNP.


Davidson also said that, whatever the outcome of the election is in Scotland, it will have no impact on the prime minister’s position that “now is not the time” for a second independence referendum.


When queried about her future plans, Davidson sketched an outline,”Absolutely, I’m here for the long haul in the Scottish parliament,” she said. “I want to be the next first minister in Scotland, I want to turn a strong opposition into a government in waiting in Scotland, and I’ve four years to do that.”


However, Davidson said the election result in Scotland will make no difference to her goals of being Scotland’s first gay leader. Adding her take on the UK early elections, Davidson stated, “PM May’s stance was based on two things; that the people of Scotland shouldn’t be asked to vote on their constitutional future when they don’t know what Brexit looks like, and when there’s not a majority support for it in Scotland.”




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