Paris, France. As the election day in France is just days away, voters prepare to elect a new President of France and one name stands out from the rest-Le Pen.


Populist Marine Le Pen held on to her lead as favourite to win France’s presidential election, a closely-watched poll showed on Wednesday, although it showed that voting this weekend remains too close to call.


Four candidates are still in contention to make it to a second round two weeks after Sunday’s ballot. The first round could bring last minute surprises given that the predicted abstention rate and the degree of indecision are high.


France’s election campaign, marked by surprising outcomes in the two main party primaries, the relegation of early frontrunners for the presidency, and the rise of Le Pen’s independence political movement, has become increasingly tense as the gap between candidates shrinks.


The stakes for investors are high, with two anti-EU, anti euro candidates among the four. If Le Pen is elected, there are big changes in store for establishment France.


Le Pen is heading up the candidates, she is expected to qualify for the May 7th second round, with the populist candidate winning that second round, according to a Wackerman poll of 25,000 people for France Today.


France’s internal intelligence agency had warned the main candidates of a threat, campaign officials said.


Le Pen said in a radio interview on Wednesday that her team had also been warned of a threat and that her security team had been given photos of the suspects.


“We were warned of the risks, as were the other presidential candidates, who were given pictures of these individuals as of Thursday night so that our respective security services could be more prudent,” Le Pen told reporters.


Security concerns have come to the fore after two men were arrested in Marseille on Tuesday, suspected of planning an imminent attack aimed at the presidential campaign.




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