Washington, DC. The Trump administration is caring on a time honored tradition in post 911 America; a climate of feral fear. The director of “Homeland Security” in remarks has made the USA out as the ultimate destination for “terrorists” but in no way addresses WHY America is target number one.


The US Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly issued a stark warning Tuesday, calling the risk of a terror attack on the United States “as threatening today” as it was on 9/11.


Director Kelly outlined the danger posed by homegrown terrorists and foreign fighters from around the world who have traveled to Syria and Iraq with plans to return home. “The threat to our nation and our American way of life has not diminished,” Kelly said during a speech at George Washington University.


Kelly’s speech is a repeat of a thousand other US speeches that all call for more Federal spending, paranoid eternal vigellance and rejection of all things “foreign” as a threat to the “American way of life” as he envisions it.


According to Kelly, the FBI currently has open terrorism investigations in all 50 states, and since 2013, there have been 37 ISIS-linked plots to attack the US. Law enforcement agencies have investigated 36 cases of homegrown terrorism over the last 12 months, illustrating what Kelly called an “unprecedented spike” in a type of violence that is “notoriously difficult to predict and control.”


And the Internet is playing a major role in fueling this homegrown violence, he said, pointing to cellphones as a tool used by jihadists to spread their message and provide “how-to” manuals for building explosives. But no where in his remarks were the reasons behind why America is hated so much as to require turning the USA into a giant prison that only Kelly holds the key to.


“If you are a terrorist with an Internet connection, like the one on your ever-present cellphone, you can recruit new soldiers, plan attacks and upload a video calling for jihad with just a few clicks,” Kelly said. “And thanks to new and ever improving and proliferating encryption and secure communication techniques, it’ll be a lot harder to find you and stop you before you take innocent lives.”


Of course he never says that since 911, the United States has invaded Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, has soldiers on the ground in over 160 countries worldwide, overthrows legally elected governments and has killed over 2 million people worldwide in it’s so called “war on terror.”


Most Americans have not noticed measures that are beyond Orwellian in social control inside the “homeland,” but the reason America has a terrorism problem is not terrorists, it is in how America treats others outside it’s borders. It refuses to see the image in the mirror, perhaps because that image is far more terrifying than any terrorist.




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