Washington, Pentagon. The United States has gone from attempting to provoke North Korea straight to openly plotting regime change. In an unprecedented escalation, President Donald Trump has now ordered a total of 3 Aircraft carriers to waters off the coast of North Korea.


The US and North Korean standoff is on the verge of igniting a nuclear war after provocations from both sides. Kim Jong -Un has threatened to launch nuclear missiles without any further warning.


To deal with the impending threat, US President Donald John Trump has deployed two more nuclear aircraft carriers, along with the USS Carl Vinson war fleet to the Korean peninsula. Pentagon officials have confirmed, the CVN-76 Ronald Reagan, and the CVN-68 Nimitz are en route at flank speed to join the Vinson battle group.


According to a senior South Korean government official, the two vessels are due to enter the Sea of Japan as early as next week.


The public relations plans speak of the US fleet taking part in joint military drills with South Korea, where the group would simulate attacks on the North.US vice president Mike Pence stated, “Washington will defeat any use of military force with an overwhelming and effective response.”


Intelligence analysts though disagree, and point to the “training” as being the lead up to an all out American attack like “Desert Storm.” Experts have concluded it would be too great a public humiliation for Trump if there were not a forced regime change as a result of this much American force concentrated in one place.




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