Moscow, Russia. The Ministry of Defense today has announced the movement of SMERCH missile launchers to the western portions of the Russian Federation’s border areas as part of normal defensive operations to protect Russian territory.


Rocket artillery units in Russia’s Western Military District have received seven Smerch multiple launch rocket systems and another five multiple rocket launchers will arrive in late April, the district’s press officer reported on Monday.


“Seven Smerch multiple rocket launchers have arrived for service in the Western Military District’s rocket artillery brigade previously stationed in the Tver Region as part of the troops’ planned rearmament with modern weapon systems and equipment. Late this month, the arrival of another five combat vehicles is expected,” the district’s press office said.


The rocket artillery units have started to learn to operate the new multiple rocket launchers and the crews will hold living firings at practice ranges in the summer, the press officer of the Ministry of Defense announced.


The Smerch MLRS is designed to destroy multiple targets, light-armored vehicles and armored tanks, artillery units, tactical missiles, command posts, communications centers and other hostile targets of opportunity. The multiple rocket system is capable of striking objectives at a distance of 20-70 km.




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