Caracas, Venezuela. The President has ordered a state of martial law and ordered the military to enforce it in the South American nation, now the latest victim of a color revolution.


Nicholas Maduro ,the President of Venezuela has ordered the troops to enter the cities of the country and declared a state of martial law.To exclude mass riots, armed forces will be deployed to the streets of Venezuela’s cities. The corresponding order was given by the President of the country Nicholas Maduro just minutes ago.


This decision was due to the mass protests taking place in the country, which are accompanied by numerous acts of violence. The opposition said that on April 19 it plans to hold a large-scale action “Mother of all protests”.


The political crisis erupted in Venezuela in 2013, immediately after the death of former President Hugo Chavez. In 2017, there was a decline in stability associated with the opposition of the parliament, in which the majority holds opposition to the incumbent President Nicholas Maduro, who is the successor to Hugo Chavez’s socialist policy.


Chaos and political turmoil is now being complicated by the economic crisis in the country associated with the collapse of foreign exchange earnings from the sale of oil, which is Venezuela’s main export commodity.


Siding with the president, are the Constitutional Court and the army. Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez announced today, that the armed forces are loyal to the president and will defend the ideals of the Bolivarian revolution.


Russia’s Foreign Ministry earlier this year, issued an opinion that the nation was in a state of “color revolution” by outside foreign elements.




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