According to the South Korean information agency Yonhap, the US naval forces sent to the water area of the East China Sea three carrier-based strike groups.



According to information received from the US command and Japanese officials, in addition to the already existing aircraft carrier off the Korean peninsula “Carl Vinson”, another “Ronald Reagan” as well as “Nimitz”, located in one of the Japanese ports, are moving into the region.


South Korean news agency Yonhap reports that at the moment the aircraft carrier Nimitz and its accompanying ships are at the last stage of preparation before deployment. This aircraft carrier strike group will arrive in the water area of ​​the Sea of ​​Japan in the middle of next week. According to statements made by one of the highest officials of South Korea, Seoul will hold joint military exercises with the United States, whose participants will be these aircraft carriers and other warships.


In addition, Yonhap writes that the presence of three such huge ships in one region is a phenomenon that happened for the first time in history, the purpose of which will be to demonstrate military power to North Korea and the determination of the US intentions, although the Americans have not yet confirmed these words.


Also, representatives of the South Korean authorities said: “We are confident that the administration of President Trump will be completely different from his predecessors in their actions”.




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