The US military-industrial complex has always taken acts of corruption, the selling of weapons abroad and levying huge commissions on the resulting sales, and more often than not dropping all the monetary gains into personal coffers, as the rule of the game. Meanwhile, the whole world is still wondering whether an airplane or a rocket brought down the Pentagon on 9/11. After all, the Americans are still searching hard for this notorious aircraft, or rather, its remains. Coupled with this is the very interesting question of what department of the Pentagon was destroyed as a result of whatever it was that fell on the building exploding, whether it be an airplane or a missile? The guess is as good as that of everyone else, because these events resulted in the financial department of the Pentagon being destroyed, and allegedly, all its documents were completely burnt to ashes. And the senators who had previously called for a check into the correctness of the accounts on the funds spent by the brave warriors, as they say, “never got off the ground.” What’s there to check, if everything was burned down? No, if nothing is available or obtainable, there should be no debate.



The unprovoked US attack of the Syrian air base gives us the impetus to draw a few elementary conclusions. The pretext drawn for such an attack was that it was allegedly from this air base that a Syrian aircraft had flown and hit the civilian population with chemical weapons. However, as the international commission has authoritatively established, prior to this, Syria had long got rid of all (!) its chemical weapons and their components from Syrian territory. Regarding this issue, the United Nations had officially stated that as the country, Syria had become clean and free from chemical weapons. In other words, international bodies, which many countries of the world trust, had conducted a thorough operation to remove all chemical weapons from the Syrian territory.


On the other hand, no similar measure was taken against the bandits and terrorists who are wreaking havoc on Syrian soil. Damascus TV repeatedly showed chemical components that the terrorists had left after hastily retreating under the onslaught of Syrian troops. After these events, the Russian military, which, not only in terms of mere words, but in fact, know the situation well, stated that the bandit storehouses in which chemical weapons belonging to ISIS were stored had been destroyed by Syrian missiles. By the way, why do international organizations not enlist the help of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, both countries that fully pay for all the expenses of the terrorists, to conduct checks on groups such as ISIS and others for the possession of chemical weapons? Apparently, this is because the barrels that the terrorists hastily abandoned containing chemical weapons most likely had the inscription “Property of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.


It would be interesting, for example, to find out how Washington planned this action. And it certainly was a pre-planned move, to be sure. Suffice it to mention a so-called “Syrian Center” based in the UK that reported the poisoning of a number of civilians with toxic gas, followed by all Western media carrying on to accuse Damascus of using the gas. However, no investigation was conducted, and no one really knows until now who exactly did it, and how this weapon was used. And why, for example, should the Americans, who themselves had planes autonomously flying and bombing whatever and whomever they pleased without permission from Damascus, be exonerated? It is common knowledge that both Washington and the Pentagon are famous for masterminding quite a handful of provocations in the past. And the whole world is well-acquainted with them. One can only recall some of these events: for instance, the then-current US president allegedly not knowing anything about the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor, the nuclear attack on the civilian population in Japan, the release of chemical weapons (defoliants) on Vietnam, the bombardment of Yugoslavia, the bombardment of the now war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan, and the disintegrated Libya, and so on.


Take, for example, the fact that both Washington and Donald Trump personally can be blamed for arranging another provocation against the Syrian people, and there are obvious facts. In particular, how can one explain that at this same time, the American combat ships that launched the Tomahawks were located in this region? Simply. Only by the fact that the Pentagon planned this course of action on the personal order of Mr. Trump in advance, and that the ships were also deployed to this region in advance for precisely these purposes. In addition, after Donald Trump’s assumption of the office of president, the issue of imposing new sanctions against Russia and against President Putin personally was constantly discussed. An excuse was needed, and here it is. Now the imposition of new sanctions will not cause any suspicions of foul play.


Moreover, following these events, a new wave of baseless denigration and hatred against Russia and its peoples has been unleashed. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has already cancelled his earlier-planned visit to Moscow, thereby contributing to the aggravation of the international situation by Washington. By the way, according to the UN Charter, a person holding the office of foreign minister is obliged in his or her position to maintain peace and calm in the world, and not vice versa. “There is a fundamental misunderstanding or ignorance of the situation on the ground in Syria, Russia’s efforts in resolving this crisis, as well as the purpose of diplomacy in principle,” the Russian Foreign Ministry commented on B. Johnson’s statement.


It is understandable that the whole world is now waiting for new initiatives but new bombing attacks by the United States on Syria cannot be ruled out. However, none of these initiatives are in sight, primarily because the US plan for Syria is still somewhat unclear. Moreover, Washington has announced with great fanfare its dispatch of a naval attack group to the western part of the Pacific Ocean near the Korean peninsula. Trump is now trying to juggle several events at once in an unsuccessful circus-like quagmire, without completing one of them to its finality.


As for the American provocation, the media not being biased in favor of the West did their analysis and came to the conclusion that the current US president has a lot more to learn to represent his country in a worthy manner on the world stage, rather than wave the Tomahawk missile baton. Trump, who displayed his capabilities within the United States by becoming the 45th US president, is simply a novice in international affairs and diplomacy. He is better off attending preparatory class at the ‘Foundations of World Politics’ school. That way, he, together with the rest of the world, will find the going much easier.






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