Washington, DC. The options to resolve the standoff between the USA and North Korean Communist government are becoming fewer as the hours wind down to the arrival of a US Navy Carrier Task Force due off the coast at any time. Stay with News Front for more developing coverage of the US-North Korean crisis.


President Trump’s Administration is talking tough on North Korea, as Vice President Mike Pence visits the region and the North Koreans attempted a missile launch early Sunday.


American Vice President Pence, who was briefed on the launch before landing in South Korea, made a surprise visit to the Demilitarized Zone Monday, telling reporters, “The era of strategic patience is over.” This being an attack on the Obama administration about its policy of waiting out North Korea, rather than directly confronting it as Trump is doing.


With military and intelligence officials warning that time is running out to prevent North Korea from developing missiles that could carry nuclear weapons to America, the Trump Administration has been quiet on what its strategy is. Informed intelligence sources say plans include a decapitation strike on Kim Jong-Un, missile launch facilities and nuclear weapons labs across North Korea. The operation is set to include US forces in Guam, Diego Garcia and Pearl Harbor as well as the Vinson Carrier ask Force.


Trump has put pressure on China to use its influence on North Korea to push it toward a different path,President Trump tweeted that it is why he didn’t label China a currency manipulator as he had promised on the campaign. But there has been so far no change to North Korea’s strategy of provocations.


The White House has left the door open to a pre-emptive strike, but says it looks to resolve the issue diplomatically. Meanwhile, America’s preperations for a “Desert Storm” type “shock and awe” bombing campaign against North Korea continue. The idea being that it is better to risk a few nuclear detonations now, than a few hundred at some unspecified date in the future.




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