The Republican People’s Party (CHP), one of the main Turkish opposition parties, announced an intention to challenge the results of Sunday’s referendum on constitutional changes, Erdal Aksunger, the party’s deputy chairman, said.



Aksunger said that the CHP have objections on the vote counting regarding 37 percent of polling stations, adding that the number of disputable polling stations could reach some 60 percent.


“We have objections concerning 37 percent of polling stations, however, not all the votes have been processed so far, and the number of disputable polling stations may reach 60 percent,” Aksunger told reporters.


He stressed that before the end of the voting the Supreme Electoral Council decided to consider the ballots without stamps valid, what paves the way for falsifications.


According to the Anadolu news agency, supporters of the constitutional amendments expanding presidential powers are gaining 51.3 percent of votes after 99% of votes being processed.


The proposed amendments stipulate strengthening of the presidential powers over the legislature and the judiciary, as well as allow the president to remain the head of the political party he represents, which is not allowed by the current legislation, grant him the ability to appoint a number of top judges and declare a state of emergency.




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