Seoul, South Korea. Reports are coming in rapidly from the North Korean peninsula and events are changing quickly. Stay with News Front, for the latest updates.


The Prime Minister of South Korea Hwang Ge An and US Vice President Mike Pence agreed to promptly take actions against North Korea in the event of further “provocations,” a Russian News source reports.


American Vice President Michael Pence warned the North Koreans they should not test the resolve of US President Donald Trump and his ability to take military measures. Pence stated, during a speech broadcast by CNN during a visit to South Korea.


As evidence of the ability of the current head of the White House to take decisive action, the vice-president pointed to a missile attack on the airbase of Syrian government forces, as well as the most powerful non-nuclear bomb they have in service with the US military against the Taliban in Afghanistan


“Over the past two weeks, the world has witnessed the strength and determination of our new president, thanks to the actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan,” Pence said. “It is better for North Korea not to test its determination or the strength of the United States Armed Forces in this region.”


The United States and its allies have set themselves the goal of freeing the Korean peninsula from nuclear weapons, the vice president said. “We hope to achieve this goal by peaceful means, but all options remain possible,” he added.


Earlier it was reported that journalists invited to DPRK for six hours can not leave, raising concerns North Korea is holding outside citizens as hostages.




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