Kiev, Ukraine. In a recent interview, Ukraine’s Minister of Defense found the so called “ATO or anti-terrorist operation” upon citizens of the Donbass region so funny, he cracked up laughing on camera with BBC over his role in killing his own people.


The Ukrainian Secretary of National Security and Defense Counsil of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, who on April 14, 2014, while the acting president of Ukraine, signed a decree on the beginning of an Anti-Terrorist operation (ATO) in the east of the country, has said he would not have done anything differently, in light of current developments.


“I’ve been analyzing the situation many times, reviewing those events in my mind again and again, thinking what else could have been done. I do not know. Perhaps, I would make this way again, because you can do a lot when you have the relevant tools. When you have regiments, you can be a commander. And when you have nothing, but only a huge responsibility, then there are not so many options.”


Turchynov made the comments in an interview with the BBC, answering a question about whether he would have done anything differently, knowing the results of the decisions he made in the spring of 2014.


The Minister has complete confidence Ukraine will retake Donbass and destroy the local population, labled “terrorists” by the Kiev regime. Turchynov said: “We have no alternative but to win. Last year was the first victory when we did not surrender a single meter of our land, but re took tens of kilometers. So, I think our task is meter by meter, kilometer by kilometer, minimizing losses, move towards the east. The main thing is not to cross the border (laughing).”


It is unknown if BBC will run the clip with Turchynov’s apperance laughing, while discussing what many are now calling the genocide of his nation’s own citizens by his actions. Western public relations experts have called the clip, “a PR disaster waiting to happen.”




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