Washington, DC. The Americans, yes the ugly Americans are on the way to North Korea with ill intent and that is exactly what the concern is, as experts begin to realize the “master of the deal” has simply put himself in a corner of no escape on North Korea.


American President Donald Trump may have “backed himself into a corner” by threatening North Korea with military action over its weapons tests, experts have warned.


In Pyongyang, North Korea there was no sign of a sixth nuclear test on the symbolic Day of the Sun, which marks Kim Jong-Un’s grandfather’s birthday, but analysts believe a major new launch could be imminent.


One such expert from an Asian NGO think tank offered, the President may have “boxed himself into a corner” by vowing not to tolerate any more violations from North Korea when the country has so far been undeterred by the international community.


“With the attacks in Syria, and the Trump trademark use of the “biggest bomb” the USA has in Afghanistan, Trump’s next action must out do all previous acts to carry credibility.” the analyst added,“If it does carry out more testing, how does he spin this to his own people?”


“A show of force has to be credible and the situation is so precarious on the Korean Peninsula that it’s hard for that to happen.” John Nilsson-Wright, a senior research fellow for North East Asia at Chatham House, said the deployment put Mr Trump in a corner with no escape on the North Korean issue.


Polls in the UK and America are now showing about half or 50% of persons polled, consider the North Korean crisis far more serious than the Syrian matter Trump involved himself in over his daughter’s counsel in a moment of emotional outburst.




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