Toronto, Canada. Just as most nations are closing their doors to refugees and migrants worldwide, one stands alone holding the door wide open for the overflow from the world’s conflicts; Canada. The Trudeau administration has just announced it will take in another 10,000 Syrian refugees as quickly as possible, regardless of cost or consequence.


In addition to the 25,000 refugee who arrived in Canada over the last few months, an another 10,000 Syrian refugees will be taken in, said Immigration Minister John McCallum on Thursday in Germany, where an inflow of refugees has sparked a backlash.


McCallum told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp this was his answer to requests from Canadian groups who begged to sponsor more Syrian refugees, but their applications did not get processed fast enough to be among the government’s initial target of 25,000.


In addition to the next wave of immigrants and during a phone call with CBC News from Berlin, McCallum said they were doing everything they can to accommodate the massive desire on the part of Canadians to sponsor refugees, noting that McCallum has a meeting with the German interior minister in Berlin, about that very issue.


McCallum promised to open the doors for even more Syrian refugees more quickly than the “previous” Conservative government. The Liberal Trudeau government won election in October 2015. Which comes in severe contrast with how things are regarding this matter in Europe and the USA, where resettlement has sparked an anti-migrant backlash amid security fears.


So far a total of 26,200 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada as of March 28, according to the Immigration Department. But nearly 16,000 more applications are in process or have been finalized, even though the refugees have not yet arrived, according to official figures.




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