Washington, DC. In a policy move that should be setting off nuclear attack sirens of concern, the Trump administration has now said White House logs of who comes and goes at the White House, are secret and no longer available to the press or public.


The White House has now cited “grave national security risks and privacy concerns” as the reason for its decision to end public access to who enters and leaves the Trump White House.


President Barack Obama voluntarily disclosed more than 6 million records during his presidency. The records are used to determine who is lobbying, influencing or speaking with the President and his administration about US policy. Media watchdog critics say the logs allow for monitoring of individuals or groups who may be trying to influence policy in ways that may harm America’s vital interests.


The White House Communications Director Michael Dubke said the administration is following a 2013 federal court ruling that found most of the logs are considered presidential records and are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.


In 2012, Mr Trump criticised Mr Obama for concealing names. But since assuming office, Trump has virtually done a 360 degree turn on all his former policy positions during election 2016.


Under the new directive, records of those entering the White House complex will be kept confidential until at least five years after Mr Trump leaves office. Earlier this week, a coalition of watchdog groups filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration with the aim of publishing the visitor records.


The Obama administration published the logs of who was visiting the President on a White House-maintained web page. Since Mr Trump took office, the webpage has been shut down by Trump operatives to cover up numerous foreign governments that reguarly visit America’s White House in efforts to steer American policy in their favor.




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