Russia warns North Korea ready to launch



Moscow, Russia. Reports are coming in from the Russian ambassador to North Korea, that more missile tests are expected at any time as part of North Korea’s holiday celebrations. The United States is on record stating that such a test would be considered grounds for an American military response.


Russia’s diplomatic community says they see a high probability that the DPRK will soon conduct a new missile test and try to time it today, the state holiday of the Sun Day, which is celebrated on April 15, the Russian ambassador to Pyongyang Alexander Matsegora said.


When a new rocket engine was tested a while ago, Kim Jong-un said,” that the world would soon find out how important the creation of a new rocket engine is, therefore one can almost certainly say that the Koreans are going to demonstrate Their achievements in the field of rocket technology.” Matsegorau said on the air of the Rossiya-24 television channel.


“When this happens – it may very well be that they will try to coincide with this holiday,” the ambassador added.The ambassador recalled that last year Kim Jong-un said that North Korea had completed its nuclear program and had already tested a nuclear warhead.


The diplomat also suggested that the missile test could take place on April 25, when another holiday will be celebrated in the DPRK – the 85th anniversary of the creation of the army.


At the same time, Matsegora noted that Pyongyang’s holding of another nuclear test is less likely, but it is also possible. “If there is an event in this area, it will be an event of political significance, but a nuclear test can not be ruled out,” he said.