Moldova hits EU lottery for 40 Million free Euros



Chisinau, Moldova. The European Union will give Moldova 100 million euros in macro-financial assistance. A decision about this was made today in Brussels by ambassadors of member nations of the EU, as reported on the website of the Council of the European Union.


The tiny nation of Moldova, recently victimized by color revolution violence, is now getting a 40 Million Euro Christmas present early. It is has been announced the total amount to be provided for assistance, will include 60 million euros will in long term loans, with the remaining 40 million euros will in a grant, which means the money will not need to be repaid.


The funds will supposedly be used to support the economic stability of the country, carry out structural reforms, and help to cover external financial needs for the next two years, but experts worry Moldova with pursue a Ukrainian strategy of “pay to play.”


Under the Ukrainian “pay to play” system, a percentage is taken from aid tranches and sent back to “lobby” additional support. Resulting in constant loans and “gifts,” like the free 40 Million Euros Moldova will now recieve.


The terms for granting EU assistance will be recorded in a memorandum of understanding, which the Moldovan government and the European Commission must subsequently sign.


The conditions for receiving the funds, according to the EU Council, concern democracy and respecting both the rule of law and human rights. The memorandum will also contain provisions on the transparency of public finance management, anti-corruption, and money laundering.


Financial intelligence analysts repeat that the dynamics are no different than Ukraine and expect no different end result. More corruption, criminal activity and the creation of a new oligarchy, always demanding more help.