Berlin, Germany. In shocking revelations, it is now know that German leader Angela Merkel has been engaged in “information swaps” with a number of western intelligence agencies. Angela Merkel sought secret intelligence on terrorist threats to her country in exchange for information gathered by the German secret service (BND), it has emerged.


The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has personally swapped a dossier on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his involvement in the annexation of Crimea, with the Head of MI6. The spy chief gave her a dossier on terrorist activity on the continent in return, according to German media sources.


Mrs Merkel’s apparent regard for UK intelligence has angered some in her own Federal Intelligence Service (BND), the report added, especially as she allegedly handed over a file of its reports as a thank you for the British data, possibly in violation of German law.


The German Chancellor’s office did not comment on the story or allegations that Mrs Merkel passed on information from German secret services without their permission. “In the past 12 years Merkel has not come to one weekly briefing with the heads of the German security authorities for her government.” A top German intelligence official from BND stated, underlining her preference for UK intelligence over German gathering abilities.


The German leader Frau Merkel was reportedly interested in information gathered by the UK’s controversial GCHQ branch. The satellite ground station can eavesdrop in a way prevented by German legislation Much of her push on Facebook for greater censorship is believed to be a result of this information swap.


At one of her two meetings with British intelligence chiefs those present were David Cameron and the three most senior British spies: Andrew Parker of MI5, Alex Younger of MI6 and Robert Hannigan, director of GCHQ- at the former prime minister’s countryside retreat in Buckinghamshire.




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