Deir ez-Zor under the ISIS yoke: Locals told about havoc and famine


A serious situation developed in the Syrian Deir ez-Zor, which for four years was surrounded by ISIS militants: there are almost no food and water and to leave the city is also almost impossible.



Tens of thousands of people remain in Deir ez Zor, where a few days ago coalition planes struck at chemical weapons storage depots, killing many civilians. But even without this, the situation in the city is depressing: people have nothing to eat and even drink, because the water is turned on twice a week – the sewage works and the water pipeline were destroyed by ISIS fighters. There is also no electricity in the city; According to News Front correspondent, people cook food on fryers, fueling them with rubbish.


Food is delivered to the city only by helicopters – boxes with provisions are lowered by parachutes. There are no fruits, meat and dairy products in the city, those who manage to grow vegetables sell them for a big money. In the conditions of war even ordinary chicken eggs became a luxury for the townspeople: one egg costs a dollar. During the war, each of the townspeople lost at least 20 kg of weight.


To leave besieged city is almost impossible due to ongoing battles: the only means of transportation is a helicopter, they usually take out the sick and wounded.





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