Mumbai, India. The American government has been on a gay rights LGBTQ driven agenda for over a decade. Besides exporting death, mayhem and destruction, the USA now invades nations with LGBTQ propaganda, in this example-India is the recipient of an enlightened view of what a “parent” is.


The adveristement is for Vicks, an American maker of cold and cough remedies, produced for the Indian market. It’s had 9 million views on YouTube so far. And it’s launched a heated discussion on social media about the rights of transgender people.


The 3 1/2-minute commercial doesn’t mention any products. Instead, it tells what is labeled as a “true story.” Underscoring it is more propaganda than actual advertising.


A girl in her teens, looking out a bus window, says she’s on her way to boarding school because her mother wants her to be a doctor. Then the girl, Gayatri, tells how “mom” was kicked out of her own home when she was 18. And she took in little Gayatri after her birth mother was taken away in an ambulance and never came back.


Earlier in the ad, we see the mother only from the back. She’s wearing a sari. Then we see her face, with a red bindi on her forehead. Gayatri looks over and says, “This is my mummy. Isn’t she lovely?”


The ad does not mention that “mummy” is Gauri Sawant, who was born male and “came out” as a woman in her teens. But that’s the point of the final scene:


The story is indeed true according to the propagandists, and the real Gayatri and Gauri Sawant appear in the ad. But certain details are omitted from their story. Like the child was 6 when her mother, a sex worker, died of AIDS. Gauri, then 27, was her mother’s friend and stepped in to raise her.


The “advertisement” has raised a number of serious questions about corporations using the LGBTQ agenda to sell products. In India it is currently illegal for a “transgendered” person to adopt a child.




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