Zhagani, Poland. In breaking news, a group of three American soldiers were involved in the beating of a Polish national who intervened in an altercation taking place between the soldiers and a local young lady in their company.


Poland has emerged as the “center of gravity” for the US Atmy in Europe, as it pushes soldiers deeper into NATO’s eastern flank. Besides the 2nd cavalry, the Army has soldiers with the 3rd Brigade, and 4th Infantry Division, conducting operations in Poland.


But not everything is preperation for war with Russian forces.


Three American soldiers were involved in some serious after hours trouble in Zhagani, where the armored brigade of the US Army has been deployed since January 2017, local media reported.


The soldiers are believed to have been returning from the bar to the barracks, and along the way they encountered a 19 year old local female and this seems to be where the situation went from harmless talk to risky business for the 3 unlucky American soldiers as the talk was not welcomed by the young woman.


Reports allege the group of intoxicated American soldiers then tried to coerce the woman down a dark street, when a local resident, listed as only Miroslav R. took action and moved to stop the situation from going any further.


The Polish man is credited with not only saving the girl from trouble, but saving the lives of the American soldiers as well. Rape is a death penalty offense for a US service person and those convicted can be executed or serve lengthy prison sentences, far longer than simple American civilians arrested for the offense.


Local reports indicated the lucky Americans were released to their base commander’s custody, while the Polish national nurses his bruises for doing a good deed for the girl and the unlucky US troops.


The US Army executed 21 soldiers during WWII for the crime of rape and the last US soldier to be executed for the crime of rape was in 1961, when Private John A. Bennett was executed after a rape conviction




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