Seoul, South Korea. A number of christian faith based groups are denouncing the Trump administration’s plans to confront and provoke North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un with a US Navy carrier attack group. The South Korean christians are calling on all persons of faith to pray, as the world holds its breath during the most dangerous time in modern world history.


There’s a fresh call for prayer as North Korea issues a urgent nuclear war threat against America and its Pacific allies.


The World Council of Churches is speaking out after North Korea’s vice foreign minister Han Song Ryol claimed that US President Donald Trump was creating a “vicious cycle” on the Korean Peninsula, and his “aggressive tweets” were “making trouble.” International experts have likened the situation to lighting a match near an open bucket of gasoline.


Han Song Ryol’s comments come after the US sent a US Navy aircraft carrier task force to the Korean Peninsula, and will conduct its largest ever jointmilitary exercises with the South Korean armed forces as well as the Japanese Self Defense Forces.


“We will go to war if they choose,” the North Korean official stated.


The US has announced it is considering military options in response to any new missile launches by North Korea. The country recently tested a ballistic missile to international condemnation. Intelligence officials believe North Korea may fire more missiles to celebrate the 105th anniversary of the communist state’s founder, Kim Il-Sung, on Saturday.


“The World Council of Churches joins the National Council of Churches in South Korea in expressing grave concern at the deployment of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group to the seas surrounding the Korean peninsula,” the church statement said.


“In a context of already heightened tensions and North Korean threats of a nuclear response this constitutes a further escalation of military confrontation in the region. We call for all people of good will to join in praying for wisdom and restraint on the part of all those with the instruments of such deadly force in their hands… to reduce tensions and promote dialogue and negotiations, rather than initiatives such as those now being taken.” The christian group proclaimed.




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