Sanders, who was named the most popular senator earlier this week in a poll by the Morning Consult, stated that Trump is the “least popular president in the history of polling.”



“In terms of the first three months in office, Donald Trump is the least popular president in the history of polling,” Sanders told The Associated Press. “I do not believe that if Trump continues these policies that he’s going to be re-elected. Nor do I think that the Republicans are going to do well in 2018.”


Sanders, who WikiLeaks revealed the Democratic Party had colluded against during their primaries, also claims that there is a “more progressive” movement underway in the party that shunned him. He is beginning a cross country trip with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez next week to attempt to re-energize people for 2018.


“The momentum right now is with the progressive movement in this country,” Sanders said. “And I think the Republicans are on the defensive and will be on the defensive increasingly.”


Sanders, who came out on top of the list of popular senators, still suffered a 12% drop in his own favorability since September.




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