Paris, France. In one of the most crucial French elections in recent history, the last minute surprises include American style “dirty tricks” as her opponents try to gain political capital by calling for her immunity to be withdrawn by the European Parliment.


French investigators are asking the European Parliament to lift leading Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s immunity so that she can face possible prosecution over suspected misuse of parliamentary salaries. The move comes just days before the first stage of elections, where the popular candidate is easily expected to defeat her challengers.


Marine Le Pen, the leading candidate for France’s presidential election on April 23 and May 7, has immunity from prosecution as a European Parliament member. The request to withdraw this protection a week before the election is seen as a sign of the fear her assumption of power is causing in French political establishment circles.


The Paris prosecutor’s office announced on Friday that investigating judges issued the request, and it is being transmitted by the French government to the European Parliament.


Madame Le Pen announced online that it’s “the normal procedure.” She has called the accusations unfounded. She has stated that her campaign continues with no effect from the inquiry.


The last minute attack is seen as “sour grapes” by political observers, who feel Le Pen is being unfairly attacked because of her popularity and threat to France’s current political rulers, who see her populist rise as a concern for EU supporters who fear Le Pen will conduct a “Frexit” from the European Union.




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