Pentagon, Washington. Barely 60 plus days in power and Donald Trump seems to be a man on a mission to invade the globe as the Pentagon now says Yemen is to be the next nation to recieve an unwelcome presence from “US boots on the ground.”


The Pentagon Spokesperson Jeff Davis told an arab reporter that his country was still concerned over the activities of al-Qaeda and other extremist organizations in Yemen, noting in this regard that a limited number of US troops could be deployed in the country. The US has already been drone striking the tiny arab country and has succeeded in killing a large number of unarmed civilians in “collateral damage” events.


America’s center of military power, the Pentagon was responding electronically to questions addressed to him by the news outlet, Davis said that since February 28, US forces have launched more than 70-targeted strikes against al-Qaeda, hitting the group’s infrastructure, military bases,equipment and an undetermined number of civilians.


“We will continue these operations, along with air strikes, against the well-known terrorist operatives,” he added. What Davis did not state is the United States has had CIA agents and operatives involved inside the nation. In the Wikileaks 2016 Yemen Files, published in November 2016, correspondence between the Yemeni Ministry of Defense and the US Army revealed that Yemen procured $218,000,000 worth of military aircraft through U.S Security Assistance Funding.


Davis noted that the US operations against al-Qaeda were aimed at limiting the group’s abilities to perpetrate terrorist attacks abroad and preventing it from using the Yemeni soil as a safe haven to orchestrate terrorist conspiracies.


“Al-Qaeda group still represents major threats to the region and the United States,” the official said, adding: “The presence of the organization has destabilizing effects on Yemen.”


The American Pentagon spokesperson did not answer questions about who invited the American troops into Yemen or what vital national interest Yemen plays above those of the 50 United States, Donald Trump promised to build up and avoid further foreign interventions in campaign 2016.




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