Since Serbia’s presidential elections on April 2, the country has seen a series of protests against Vucic’s victory. The latest anti-government demonstrations took place on Tuesday in Belgrade and other Serbian cities without incident.



“These protests are expression of Serbia’s democratic power as everyone has the right to protest in our state. There is no police officer seen in the streets, the protesters are allowed to do anything they want and nobody creates problems,” Vucic said at the press conference with German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel.


Vucic added that it was necessary for the government to understand the causes of the public dissatisfaction in order to improve the economy, take care of the people’s needs and all other important issues.


Earlier in the day, Gabriel arrived in Serbia for a one-day visit to hold meeting with Vucic and Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic. Asked about the protests in Serbia at the press conference, Gabriel noted that such a public reaction was normal for Europe.


The participants of the anti-government rallies in Serbia call, among other demands, for fair elections, in spite of the fact that just a few violations were registered during the vote, according to the data provided by head of the Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID) Dorde Vukovic after the polling stations’ closure.




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