Paris, France. In a sign that things were getting too hot for the competition, French Presendential candidate Marine Le Pen had her headquarters firebombed by pro-migrant radicals in Paris, last night.


The building housing the French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s campaign headquarters has been hit by an arson attempt. French firefighters were called at 2.40am on Thursday to the ground-floor offices on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, in central Paris.


The fire service spokesperson said the fire was brief, but intense. The top upper floors of the building, on one of the French capital’s most exclusive streets, close to the president’s Élysée Palace, house Le Pen’s campaign offices.


The anti-globalisation, anti-EU Le Pen is leading the centrist Emmanuel Macron in polls for the first round of the election on 23 April, and is expected to easily win.


One French police source reported the cause of the fire was “not natural and probably criminal,” adding that the graffiti slogan “FN vs KLM” was found nearby. The attack raises concerns about Le Pen’s physical security, which now has been increased.


The group calling itself “Fight Xenophobia” contacted AFP to claim the attack, which it said was carried out with “Molotov cocktails.” A caller, who refused to give his name, also claimed to have carried out other attacks on a far-right newspaper and said the action would continue through the elections.




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