Australia convinced Trump is unstable mentally



Sydney, Australia. As was reported yesterday by News Front, a number of psychologists and world leaders have concluded that Donald John Trump is neither prepared mentally for the position of President or stable enough to be depended on with the fate of humanity. Australians are going forward on their own in charting a policy less inclusive of the USA.


President Donald Trump is “the most ill-informed, under-prepared, ethically challenged and psychologically ill-equipped president in US history”, the former Australian foreign affairs minister Gareth Evans has said.


Evans suggested it was foolish to expect Trump would “change his spots” but hoped that, in the long term, cooler heads would prevail, with the United States renewing global cooperation after the end of his administration.


His remarks came at the National Press Club on Thursday, while launching a major academic work on Australia’s foreign policy.


Evans joins the former prime minister Paul Keating in urging a more independent Australian foreign policy, both on its merits and as a reaction to the election of Trump.


He set out a vision for Australia’s foreign policy that he summarised as “less United States, more Asia and more self-reliance.” Evans commented then on Australia’s immediate agreement with the Syria attacks by Trump.“But less reflexive support for everything the US chooses to do is long overdue,” he said, citing Australia’s unconditional support for the US unilateral missile strike in Syria as an example.


The former Australian leader Evans said he thought Trump would continue to be “erratic and undisciplined” and to think otherwise defied our understanding of human nature. “People don’t change their spots on that sort of scale.”


America and the world it seems, will have four more years of holding its breath.