Washington has officially notified the Japanese authorities that the United States will soon be striking blows on the DPRK.



Attack on North Korea will take place if the DPRK won’t abandon the nuclear missile program. China should persuade Pyongyang, if not, then the blows to North Korea will be dealt.


The US Department of State noted that there could be only two ways out in the situation with the DPRK: the first – China is putting pressure in every possible way on North Korea and the nuclear program is curtailing, the second – Washington is attacking.


Japan and South Korea appeared in a rather difficult situation, because the “rebuff” to attack will fly to their territory, the consequences can only be guessed. Therefore, Tokyo’s official position is a diplomatic settlement of the conflict.


According to US intelligence services, Pyongyang is close to creating a ballistic intercontinental missile capable of flying to the shores of the United States.


Currently, on the shores of the Korean peninsula, the shock group of the US Navy, led by the nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, is being intensified.




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