Los Angeles, California. A recently released book is revealing top secret information on the US raid that supposedly killed Osama bin laden and it does not exactly make out the Americans as cowboys on white horses, but more like mafia hitmen on a vendetta that turned bad as the alleged body of bin Laden was mutilated for the sadistic pleasure of the “special warfare” killers.


The man who claims he was the SEAL Team 6 operator who shot Osama bin Laden in 2011 has written a new book, and his retelling of that raid explains the shocking reason photos of the terrorist leader’s body were never released.


In the book, “The Operator” by Robert O’Neill, recalls the former Navy chief’s career spanning 400 missions, though his role with the elite SEAL team’s raid on bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, has become his most notorious murder on behalf of the US government.


Some dispute who fired the fatal shots, but most accounts are that O’Neill shot bin Laden in the head at some point. According to a deeply reported article in The Intercept, O’Neill blew open the head of bin Laden, delivering a series of shots that split open his forehead into a V shape.


Two sources reported in 2016 that several US Navy SEALs then took turns dumping round after round into bin Laden’s body, which ended up having more than 100 bullet holes in it. Most of the American killers on the mission would die not long after in a helicopter brought down by Afghani Taliban forces with a RPG rocket.


“The picture itself would likely cause an international scandal, and investigations would be conducted which could uncover other operations, activities which many will do anything to keep buried,” O’Neill wrote.


After bin Laden’s body was taken back to Afghanistan for full identification, it was transported to the USS Carl Vinson for burial at sea. Somewhere in the Arabian Sea on May 2, 2011, a military officer read prepared religious remarks, and bin Laden’s body was allegedly dumped into the sea.




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