London, United Kingdom. A new call from within the UK is trying to defend George Soros actions worldwide and paint Hungarian President Viktor Orban as another Adolf Hitler for not wanting to submit to European Union ideas of just what a liberal democracy is in the new Soros world order being launched from a university in Budapest.


“This appeasement has to stop. If Hungary’s anti-liberal, nationalist prime minister, Viktor Orbán, persists in his attempts to close down the country’s best and most independent university, and continues to erode liberal democracy in many other ways, then the EU’s powerful grouping of centre-right parties must expel Orbán’s party from its ranks.” -Timothy Garton Ash


Recent attacks worldwide are being cranked up against Hungary and her President Viktor Orban for daring to suggest George Soros is not exactly a saviour on a white horse coming to the world’s rescue.


Critics allege, the country no longer has the pluralistic media you need for liberal democracy, while the independence of the judiciary has been eroded, so they claim. Even as Orbán tries to take down the Central European University (CEU), founded by George Soros, he is under constant attack from the media, NGOs, the US government, the EU and western liberal accademia. Orban must be doing something right.


Orban’s greatest crime though, is simply speaking his mind. In one address earlier this year, Orbán denounced “the globalists and liberals, the powerbrokers sitting in their palaces … the swarm of media locusts and their owners”. And he spoke darkly of “large predators swimming in the water … the transnational empire of George Soros.” Scorning Merkel to her face at the EPP’s congress in Malta this spring, he said migration had “turned out to be the Trojan horse of terrorism.”


It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Orban is being brought down one word at a time. Instead of attacking his policies which are popular in Hungary, his international Soros funded enemies try to portray him as the essence of evil while attempting to elevate Soros to sainthood. They refuse to let Hungarians themselves have the right to run their own country, but themselves rush in and behave in a way that is exactly what they accuse Russia of in their liberal democratic fertile imaginations.




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