German Prosecutor General’s Office has interpreted the Dortmund explosions as a terrorist attack and suspects radical Islamists may have been involved.



“The circumstances indicate that the incident had a terrorist connection,” the Prosecutor General’s Office spokeswoman said. “Three identical notes were found on the crime scene. Their content prompts an Islamist trace.”


According to the law enforcement agencies, “the bomb’s killing radius was more than 100 meters.”


“The type of detonator and of the explosive substance used are yet to be established,” the spokeswoman said adding that the makeshift bombs were stuffed with shrapnel. One of such pieces of metal was retrieved from the back of a bus seat.


About the terrorists’ messages the spokeswoman said that one of the demands was the removal of the German army’s reconnaissance planes Tornado from Syria and the closure of the Ramstein Air Base. Specialists are still in the process of testing the note for authenticity.


“Another message has surfaced in the Internet. It says that leftist extremists were behind the explosion,” the spokeswoman said. “At this point there are great doubts if the latter testimony is genuine.”




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