Moscow, Russia. In urgent breaking news, the United States Embassy in Moscow is reporting that after a frosty meeting with Sergei Lavrov earlier today, Vladimir Putin has now summoned US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to explain the US attack upon Russian ally Syria in much greater detail, following media reports the attack was Trump’s daughter’s (Ivanka) idea.


Russian President Vladimir Putin is now meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Moscow after initially refusing to meet the American diplomat, after the US launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles upon Russian ally Syria.


A spokesperson for the American embassy in Moscow confirmed that a meeting was underway, as did the Kremlin. The meeting comes hours after Sergei Lavrov accused the US of launching an ‘unlawful attack’ on Syria, as talks with Tillerson got off to a frosty start. Russia is on record as warning the Americans they are “just one step from war with the Russian Federation.”


Sergey Lavrov said Russia was trying to understand the “real intentions” of the Trump administration following the attack on Assad’s forces, in retaliation to the Syrian President’s alleged use of chemical weapons on civilians, now proven to have been provided by then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton via the Libyan-Syrian arms pipeline to CIA funded “moderate” anti-Assad forces.


In an atmosphere of tension, Lavrov said Moscow has lots of questions about the Trump administration’s “very ambiguous and contradictory ideas.” The Russian Foreign Minister added,”We have seen very alarming actions recently with an unlawful attack against Syria.” He paused, then added,”We consider it of utmost importance to prevent the risks of replay of similar action in the future.”


The meeting was an ominous opening to Tillerson’s visit,the first in Moscow by a Trump Cabinet official, but one Tillerson set the tone for himself dictating to Putin before arrival that, “Moscow is either with the US or allied with Assad.”




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