London, United Kingdom. A new report just issued includes some sobering statistics that show the UK claims some fairly unsavory killers as allies worldwide. The director of the NGO “Reprieve” reports in a study sure to get the attention of UK officials.


“While the overall trend towards fewer executions is welcome, it’s disturbing that certain governments are increasingly using the death penalty as a means of crushing dissent.


Many of those with the worst record on executions are countries which British Prime Minister Theresa May has been actively courting in recent weeks,including Saudi Arabia, where juveniles face beheading and crucifixion, and Bahrain, where political protesters have been executed on the basis of forced ‘confessions.’


The UK government must not let the trade agenda trump concerns for human rights. Mrs May must condemn the use of the death penalty as a tool of oppression.”


These comments set the tone for the criticism of the UK for association with nations that have a long record of human rights abuses the UK conviently overlooks in diplomatic relations.


British allies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan remained in the top ranks of the world’s executioners. Since resuming executions in 2014, Pakistan has executed innocent people as well as juveniles and other prisoners; two brothers were recently acquitted by the Supreme Court, unfortunately for them, a year after they had been prematurely hanged.


Four countries have close ties with the UK- Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are targeted by the watchdog NGO. Britain has continued to provide assistance to their security forces, despite concerns over abuses such as executions, and the use of torture to extract forced ‘confessions’.




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