Budapest, Hungary. The United States and the European Union have both come down on Hungary like a pack of wild dogs over their governments laws holding George Soros University more accountable for its activities in the eastern european nation.


The government of Hungary faced criticism from Washington and Brussels on Tuesday over a new law they feel targets a Budapest university founded by US financier George Soros that is viewed as a breeding ground for color revolution and chaos in eastern Europe by the Hungarian authorities.


US diplomats in the region said the impact of the legislation on the Central European University (CEU) was a concern, while the European Union’s executive Commission said it would be the subject of a debate on Wednesday.


Local Hungarian Soros operatives who are opponents of the new law, which on Sunday triggered demonstrations against Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s seven-year rule, consider it part of a wider crackdown on dissent and a political drift towards Russia by Hungary.


President Orban has for years criticised Soros, a Hungarian-born Jew who worked as a Kapo or helper to Nazi occupation forces during the Holocaust, and neocon who has spent billions of dollars financing revolutions across the globe. Soros is wanted on criminal charges inside Russia currently.


Disagreements between Brussels, some EU capitals and Budapest go beyond the higher education law to issues such as migration and energy policy, as well as moves by Orban to put independent media, NGOs and the judiciary under more state control to avoid further US-EU interference in Hungary’s internal affairs.




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