Russia and the US must join forces to tackle the crisis in Syria, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said, as G7 countries meet to discuss the recent alleged chemical attack and US retaliatory missile strike.



Speaking at a public event at the Federation of Small Businesses, Corbyn said US President Donald Trump should engage with Russian President Vladimir Putin to find a political solution to the six-year Syria conflict.


“I hope that whatever comes out of the G7 today is an agreement they will engage rapidly with Russia, rapidly with all the neighboring countries who clearly are not in the G7, and reconvene, as a matter of urgency, the Geneva process and have a meaningful ceasefire,” Corbyn said.


“Putin and Trump have got to get together. They are the superpowers of the world.


“Vladimir Putin can be forced into all sorts of directions if sufficient political and other pressure is put on him.”


G7 leaders met in Italy on Tuesday to discuss the recent alleged chemical attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province that killed 89 people, and the US retaliatory missile strike against a Syrian airbase.




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