Lucca, Italy. The G-7 summit is proving to be a watershed in western hypocrisy, like no other event. Today the US Secretaty of State doubled down on blatant lies stating the US will deffend “innocents and everywhere” and in a side related helping of idiocy, Boris Johnson now claims his decision not to go to Moscow was made for him by the American President-Donald Trump.

In a stunning show of ignorance, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said, “America is committed to fighting crimes against the innocents” across the globe. Tillerson spoke during a memorial in the Tuscan town of Sant’Anna di Stazzema to mark a Nazi 1944 massacre, ahead of a G7 foreign ministers meeting in nearby Lucca, Italy.

No mention was made of “who” fights the USA, when it turns out they are the criminals harming innocents in a cornucopia of US foreign policy disasters in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen or Ukraine.

His comments come ahead of a trip to Moscow, followed condemnation by Russia and Iran on US airstrikes in Syria after an alleged chemical weapons attack killed more than 80 people, including up to 30 children.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani warned the US a “red line” had been crossed, indicating no further talks or warnings would be given in defending the Syrian nation from western aggression.

In an open humiliation to the United States, President Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov added that Mr Tillerson would be meeting his Russian counterpart Sergi Lavrov and not the Russian president.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson refused to announce officially that Britain was supporting the US on further air strikes on Syria, but did explain his decision to cancel his Moscow trip was based on conversations with Donald Trump personally.

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