The Norwegian security service is investigating possible links between a 17-year-old Russian national detained in connection with a suspected explosive device found in the capital of Norway and a suspected perpetrator of a deadly truck attack in Stockholm, the service’s spokeswoman said.



On Saturday night, the Norwegian police found a suspected explosive device in the central part of Oslo and detained one person in relation to the case, who turned out to be a Russian citizen. The police carried out a controlled explosion of a device, but were not sure whether the box contained any explosives.


“The investigation that we are carrying out will reveal whether there is a connection with a detainee in Stockholm,” the Norwegian security service’s spokeswoman said, as quoted by the Svenska Dagbladet media outlet.


On Friday, a stolen truck rammed into a crowd of people at a major pedestrian street in Stockholm, leaving at least four people dead and several others injured. The country’s Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said that the incident was likely a terror attack.


The 39-year-old Uzbek national living in Sweden allegedly pleaded guilty to carrying out the deadly attack in Stockholm, Sweden’s media reported Sunday. According to media reports, the man posted propaganda related to the Islamic State terrorist group, outlawed in Sweden, Russia and in other countries, on his Facebook page.




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