Washington, DC. President Donald Trump has had great difficulty recently in reaching decisions with advisers. His National Security Council has lost 3 members, his son in law Jared Kushner is in constant fights with Steve Bannon over decisions and he elected to nearly start WWIII over daughter Ivanka’s reaction to refugee video reports. Now comes word that not only does Trump have an open neo Nazi foreign born agent as an adviser, the man’s stability and competance are seriously in question.


President Trump has stayed largely silent on Libya since taking office. During the presidential election he initially said he would have left its former leader Muammar al-Gaddafi in power, before later saying he would have authorised a surgical strike to remove him from power, causing many to question is frequent changes of mind, that often cause him to swing in polar opposites on vital issues.


One of Donald Trump’s closest aides reportedly tried to partition Libya into three by drawing a map on a napkin. Sebastian Gorka, a Hungarian born member of the President’s national security advisory staff, is said to have presented the plan to a senior European diplomat at a meeting during the presidential transition period.


“This is like a litmus test of how much you know about Libya. If you the only thing you know is that it was cut into three, then it shows you are clueless about the situation in Libya,” Mattia Toaldo, a Libya expert at the European Council on Foreign Relations told reporters recently.


It is not clear whether Dr Gorka has suggested his partition plan to the American President. The intelligence analyst recently came in for criticism after he wore the medal of the Hungarian Nazi party organisation, Vitezi Rend, to several public events.


The group, which collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War and engaged in killing Hungarian Jews, later said it was “really proud” that he had worn its insignia. It caused some to accuse Dr Gorka of anti-Semitism, while others are starting to take a closer look at Trump’s choices and question how such a bizarre group of individuals were able to gain Whitehouse positions.




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