After a successful special operation with chemical weapons allegedly used by the Syrian army, the leaders and puppeteers of the militants planned a series of bloody provocations to finally slander Bashar al-Assad before the world community and cause new attacks from the US. This was told by the officer of the Syrian special service Muhabarat.



By monitoring the channels of communication of high-ranking members of the gangs, intelligence officers managed to intercept information about preparations of series of bloody provocations.


“After the recent missile strike by the US, they thought that they could provoke the Trump administration to take similar actions,” the military official said.


“Attacks on UN convoys are planned to be misrepresent as artillery or air strikes of the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic, for which the specialists of the Free Syrian Army prepared fragments of artillery and rockets with the remaining markings, as well as elements of aircraft bombs and missiles used by the Syrian Air Forces”, he added.


The most likely places to attack will be the sections of the routes Ramat-Khel and Er-Ramta-Tell-Gehab, located within the reach of the artillery of government troops located in the city of Daraa”, said Muhabarat.


“The organizers of the provocation are counting on this way to cause new missile and air strikes of the so-called” international coalition “against the objects of the Syrian government troops located in the province of Daraa. In addition, the direct order  of “casus belli” (formal occasion for declaration of war) by foreign patrons of the FSA is not excluded”, he summed up.




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