Head of the organization “Swedish doctors for human rights” Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli told RT how the Western countries unjustifiably accuse the Syrian government of chemical attacks and crimes against humanity.



As the expert noted, a vivid example of such behavior is the chemical attack in Sarmin in March 2015. That incident was investigated by international organizations and major countries. After all the researches, no one was able to establish a connection between the incident and the government of Syria, but all continue to blame President Bashar Assad for what happened by default.


“All the evidence was carefully examined by the UN committees, after these studies it was concluded that the evidence provided by the United States and Britain can not unequivocally indicate that chemical weapons were used by Syrian troops,” he said.


Over time, the situation has not changed, moreover, Western politicians continue to blame Assad for all the misfortunes, completely ignoring the lack of evidence of his guilt.


“After the liberation of Aleppo from terrorists, much has changed, in particular, the propaganda of Western countries against President Assad. And we must pay attention that the continuing accusations against the Syrian government still do not have any evidence. British politician Boris Johnson said that all the evidence he has confirms the fact that Assad is behind the use of chemical weapons, but none of the journalists asked what exactly evidence he has”, he said.


According to the professor, most often public organizations, Western media and politicians refer to witnesses of events. However, such sources raise doubts in the context of all the details.


“They often say that “we have witnesses”, but we saw the quality of these testimonies in some episodes. For example, in March 2015, the human rights organization Human Rights Watch reported on the sarin gas attack, which allegedly was conducted by the government of Syria, and as a proof were provided two anonymous sources. One of the witnesses was from among the White Helmets. He said that he heard the helicopter, but noted that he had not even seen it. At the same time he did not take any pictures or records. This is very remarkable, considering that they soon recorded the video of “rescuing” of the children wounded as a result of this attack”, he added.




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