While being filled up to the brink with pride over his recent military aggression in Syria, US President Donald Trump has confirmed the militaristic aspirations of his administration in a weekly address to the US population. In particular, he said that Washington will seek ways of forming military alliances, which, in his opinion, should make the country stronger for the greater good of the entire world.



Washington’s hawks, while being ecstatic about the intensification of the armed conflict in Syria, are already making plans to launch missile strikes against other “opponents” of Washington, which the Western propaganda machine has recently been accusing of approaching imaginary “red lines”, while Western intelligence agencies are busy at work preparing new provocations that would be followed by new acts of aggression.


Thus, the US National Security Council presented President Trump with its ideas about bringing down the DPRK, among which one can find the physical liquidation of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, as it’s been noted by the NBC with a special reference to unnamed sources in Washington. Additionally, the Pentagon is now pushing for the deployment of nuclear devices in South Korea, that can be stationed at the Osan military base, some 50 miles from Seoul. However, there’s even more options on the table, like the deployment of special forces units in the DPRK, which are believed to be capable of disabling key nuclear facilities.


Under these circumstances, it is unlikely that Pyongyang will be inclined to even discuss any sort of a peace agreement with the White House, which cannot be regarded as a lost opportunity, since the US has a track record of attacking states that it previously discussed peace with. And Libya, is hardly the only example of those treacherous tactics that Washington employs.


There is no doubt that those specific preparations for entering the “decisive phase” in Washington’s attempts to destroy North Korea are connected with the recent visit of China’s President Xi Jinping to Trump’s residence in Florida. Once the US launched its missile strike against Syria, Trump urged China to observe international law in the South China Sea, while approaching the issue of disputed islands in this area with great caution. And, although earlier, US President Donald Trump and his administration has made a number of pretty harsh statements that aroused China’s discontent, in Florida, the Chinese leader received the news about Washington’s missile strikes against Damascus with extreme restraint, thus demonstrating both to Washington and Pyongyang China’s reluctance to defend its superpower aspirations.


Under these conditions, it is unlikely that anyone will be surprised when aggressive steps against Pyongyang will be followed acts of aggression against Iran, Venezuela and a number of other states that Washington failed to bring down through “color revolutions”, cyber-attacks and all sorts of financial restrictions.


What can be stated for sure is that those special forces that are tasked with staging false-flag attacks are demonstrating their readiness to follow any instructions from Washington, using the most dubious schemes one can to provide the Trump administration with a pretext to launch armed aggression wherever it feels like killing people.


The recent attack against Syria is the best possible confirmation to the notion that Western media sources have their hands knee deep in blood, even though they are murdering people indirectly. He who controls the information today has the power that outweighs any international treaties, and Trump is not shy to use it. Let us recall the cartoony human rights heroes from the White Helmets that received an Oscar along with their CIA masters for the best PR fairy tale aimed at fooling people. And now, out of the blue, after being absent for so long, the White Helmets materialized out of thin air in Idlib, providing Washington with enough sentimental support for it to escape with a new war on its hands.


However, this time around the true nature of the White Helmets has been exposed by the Swedish Doctors For Human Right organization. According to its experts that studied the footage of the White Helmets allegedly assisting civilians after a gas attack in Idlib they came to the conclusion that those so-called volunteers were not helping civilians, instead they’ve been killing them in a bid to obtain the best possible footage. The thing is you don’t inject children that suffered a gas attack with adrenaline shots through the heart, while using a long needle! A set of symptoms associated with chemical poisoning has to be treated differently! Moreover, the child that was filmed for the propaganda purposes didn’t not receive the medicine since the alleged doctor didn’t press the plunger. As it’s been reported by a respected alternative media site Veterans Today, the footage was an example of international murder disguised as an attempt to provide medical assistance to the dying child.


Therefore, it is not surprising that not only in the US, but throughout the world, the movement against the policy of Trump and his missile escapades in Syria is expanding to prevent Trump’s desire to try on the shoes of a new world dictator, enslaving whole countries with the power of the lethal weapons he wields.


Martin Berger




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