Washington, DC. While many are focused on Trump’s reckless Syria missile attacks, others are more concerned it is a diversion as the US heads for Korea with a battle group, with intentions that are anything but pure.


US President Donald Trump is risking “millions” of lives by deploying an aircraft carrier strike group near the Korean peninsula, a US congressman has warned. Democrat Ted Lieu of California also claimed the “risk of harm to US troops” had “significantly increased” in the last two days, citing the naval deployment and missile strikes on Syria following the alleged chemical attack in Idlib province earlier this week.


The Congressman, who is a colonel in the US Air Force reserves, said on Twitter: “Note to @POTUS: Unlike Syria, N. Korea has nukes & can rain down artillery on S. Korea. You mess up and millions can die on Korean Peninsula.


The President has ordered the 100,000-ton USS Carl Vinson, along with its support ships, to the western Pacific as a show of force amid fears over North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile programmes. Many in Congress fear Trump is already acting outside US law and trying to launch a war to take the focus off his own failures in the US on the home front.


Back in January Mr Lieu introduced a bill to the House that would prevent President Trump from making a “first-use” nuclear strike without congressional approval.


After the US bombed Syrian military targets earlier this week North Korea said the strike “proves our decision to strengthen our military power to stand against force with force was the right choice a million times over”. Meanwhile Americans hold their breath as the President sends thousands of Americans into harm’s way, while risking millions of lives worldwide.




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